The Vision

Our vision is to use art as a tool to reach out to people and touch them through clowning and theater.

We want to give people a tear and a smile because it can open up their heart and help them to accept the feelings that come at that moment.

Following dreams is important for us and we strongly believe that any person can reach their dreams when they really want to.

Our vision is not only to perform in front of an audience, but to connect with them. The heart behind being approachable is to serve the people around us.


A few quotes that complement our philosophy:


"The ground is your friend, my friend."

-Carlo Mazzone-Clementi


"Some say I am an emperor. Some say I am a master.

But for you my beloved public, your humble servant ever after."



"The stage is my playground"

-Raymond Van Het Groenewoud


"Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep."

-Romans 12:15


"To let someone laugh, is a serious -business."

-Janusz Komodowski


"Live as a clown, clown as life."

-Arnaud Vandermeiren



Who is C&T Productions?

C&T Productions VZW was founded by Arnaud Vandermeiren (born: 1994).


Arnaud's education started at the age of seven in the circus school of Ghent, Belgium.

In 2016 he graduated from The Commediaschool, The International Theater

School of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here he received his diploma:

'Performer Specialized in Physical Acting'.

He now works as an actor and a clown.


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