The CD.

The story Behind te scenes

Dear reader/listener

I would love to take you on the journey, I was walking for this past year. 

I pray that my music will open doors, and that my story may be an encouragement to you. 


It all starts with a choice. 

Twelve months ago; God called me to South Africa to do Creative Arts Academy.

I gave up a lot, But I knew that this was the right thing. So I made the choice to let Him change me.  (Use Me Now)

And so, with His words: “I will make you ready to be used by me” my journey started. 
Matthew 10:39


The emotional roller coaster.

1 month after my decision I felt pity. "What did I do? Did I really gave up all these projects, my company, for the sake of God?" But somehow I Knew it was right. 

The first 2 months of the Education I was going through an emotional roller coaster. All the time I was lamenting and complaining. But then, we did a forgiveness course by Bruce Wilkinson. Through this course, God really chiseled a lot of bad things away. After that, I did not told God how big my giants are, but the giants how big my God is.

Because I am from Belgium  I wrote a Flemish song  titled. (Ge Moe Nie Denken - “Do Not Think About it”). The translated course go’s as followed: Don’t think about that thing, you do not have. Instead, look around you, and see what Life can bring.

(Matthew 6:25-26)


Once I was lost.

One of the instruction my leaders gave me, was to make a cover song. 

I prayed about it, and there was only one song, that came to mind. ‘I’ve Searched For Gold by Delirious’ . Then I realised why God had brought up this song.  -

11 years ago this was the song where God became real for me for the first time in my life. After doing some research about this song, I found out that it was released 1994. This is the same year as when I was born. And now, I am covering it myself. By starting a personal relationship with God, I discovered that He made me in his perfect plan. So I do not need to ware a mask. Instead, I can just be myself

God brought this song to my mind for a reason. Once I was lost, Now I am found.

(Luke 15:32)


He will never give up.

God showed me a lot about his father heart. 

I find out that He never gave up on me. 

What ever I did, how many mistakes I have made. He will never gave up on me.  
And He never will! He loves me. Just because He does. There is no reason for it. He loves me because He loves me. 

And after know this with my heart, I started loving Him to. 

Not because He does so much for me, but Just because I love Him. (I will never give up)

(Hebrews: 13:5)



As my profession, I work as a physical actor. 
People knew me as Arnaud ‘the artist’. But did they really knew me? I always struggled to found the balance between “Arnaud” and “Arnaud the artist”.

Being an artist was my identity. Now I know that it is not. My Identity is in Jesus. This time I am not “Arnaud the physical actor”, I am “Arnaud who does physical acting”. 
For the last year, My character changed a lot!

How did this happen? 1: I Made the choice to let God change me, 2: I made the choice to lay down your rights, 3: accepting the proces as it comes.

4: digging into God by His word, His Holy Spirit, and focusing on Jesus.


Be encouraged


Arnaud Vandermeiren






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- I will Never give up


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