Arnaud Vandermeien
Is executive committee
and founder of C&T 

If Arnaud would be an animal, he would be: A MONKEY,
because he likes joking around, discovering new things.

Dirk Reunes
Is treasurer of C&T 

If Dirk would be an animal, he would be: AN EAGLE, because it's flying high an is as free as

a bird.

Jotham  Catry
Is a member C&T 

If Jothal would be an animal, he would be: an POLAR BEAR 

Because then I can drink as match cocke as i want.

Sterre Peumans
Is a member of the C&T.
Disigner of our logo and

corporate identity

If Sterre would be an animal, she would be:

Wibbe Pompe
Is member of the general assembly.

If Wibbe would be an animal, he would be: A PINGUIN becouse of its acrobatic behavior in the water and the clumsyness on at land. "I love the contrary."

Freddy Claeys
Is theaterdirector of a theater monologue Real or not Real"
accountant of C&T

If Freddy would be an animal, he would be:

A BEAVER, becouse it 

because a beaver has many defects, and strange features. But the brain - compared to that of other rodents - is extremely well developed.

Michaël Van Kesteren
Is president of the NPO and co-spiritual supervisor.

If Michaël would be an owl because it is wise and observant and comes alive especially at night.

Inge De Smedt

Is the secretary of C&T 

If Inge would be an animal, she would be:

Vanessa Bosteels
Is a member C&T 

If Vanessa would be an animal, she would be: A RED CAT. with a high cuddly factor,

flexibility and playfulness.

who likes to cuddle and exploring, and who is a real people friend. 

Robin De Pril
Is clown at Slow-mo clowns.

If Robin would be an animal, he would be: A BEAR, becouse somtimes I make sandwishes and somtimes, and sometimes I do not do it alone.

(Joking with a belgium kids song)

Camille De Leobardy
Is actress and co founder at Maman & Garçon.

If Camille would be an animal, she would be: AN OSTRICH : runs fast, jumps high, flexible enough to put the head in the sand, big feathers but.. cannot fly! How to be a good creator if everything is already possible?..

Christian Vermeire

Is a  of one of the

therapist that is helping out with the workshop from 'Over Pesten'

If Christian would be an animal, He would be: A CHAMELEON, becouse a chameleon is friendly, calm and can be energetic at the same time. This special animal has special characteristics: it can focus very well and has a wide 360-degree view. It also changes color and can "blend in" anywhere!